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Through years of working at climbing gyms across the world, our team had experienced all manner of software issues in climbing gyms. From corrupted drives on local servers to long training sessions for new staff, it was always clear that there was room for improvement. And worse, as technology improved and UI practices developed, the climbing gym software industry did not keep up.

When it came time to choose a software for our own gym, we were faced with a tough decision: which compromises to make. While many of the existing software choices had admirable aspects, none of them offered the full package of ease of use, enough power to run our business, and security to let us sleep easy. So we put our years of experience in software development, product design, user interfaces, and running startups to use to build BETA.

BETA always strives to be better: better than the competition and better than ourselves yesterday. We do thorough product reviews with users and after meticulous design and review, we ship updates regularly, because we don’t like making compromises and we don’t think you should either.

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Meet the team

Curious about who makes up the BETA team, read our blog post below.

The BETA team

Just the beginning

We're just getting started! We love hearing your ideas and seeing new workflows.

BETA strives to enable and drive growth amongst all climbing gyms by being a platform to share knowledge and experience. Help us shape the future of climbing! Join BETA today.

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