See your climbers in action

Good insight

See the impact of your promotions at a glance

The quick overview of your retention and attrition history directly on your insights page will help you evaluate the effectiveness promotions and policy changes.

Know more about entries

Weigh the power of each of your gym entry products with detailed statistics. Learn which passes are selling best and what the average spend per visit is for each type of client.

Climber categories and tags

Manual tags

Categorize your climbers with tags to help you keep track and market appropriately to them. Import all of your climbers to Mailchimp and create audiences based on climber tags.

Automated tags

Automatically tag any climbers who have purchased certain passes or attended certain events, or tag climbers by demographics and entry frequency.

Smart tags

Let BETA do the thinking with machine learning-based tagging. BETA can group climbers based on similar activity patterns and purchase history.

Get attrition warnings

When members start following patterns associated with cancelling a pass, BETA will warn you with a subtle icon on their profile.

BETA's member check-in and check-out flows are tailored to maximize retention with focus on important customer touch-points like the beginning and end of a session.

Simply gym access, the smart way