Powerful Marketing Insights

Measure performance, collect audience data, and re-engage website visitors by integrating Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Meta Pixel.

Capture behaviour

Seamlessly connect your advertising campaigns to real customer activity on your widgets.

Ensure that crucial data isn't lost once a purchase begins, enabling you to track not only user interactions on your website but also within the BETA widgets.

Capture customer interactions

Seamless Integration Solution

BETA integration with GA4 tags and Meta Pixel seamlessly links ad campaigns to widget user actions. Analyze purchases to optimize strategies and boost campaign performance.

Leverage Tags for Campaign Success

Go beyond website tracking: Monitor purchase engagement for stronger online campaign results. Preserve vital data on your BETA widgets with tools for optimized insights.

Enhanced Campaign Performance

Beyond website activity, monitor user engagement within BETA widgets to optimize campaign effectiveness.

  • logging in and authentication
  • form sign up and registration
  • adding to cart & saving of payment info
  • promotion use, through valid discounts
  • cart viewing
  • cart abandonment
  • viewing of items, passes & events
  • cart editing & removing items
  • initiating checkout
  • purchase and cart finilisation
  • free event registration
  • create bookable service products

Unleash Your Marketing Superpowers!

Harness the magic of Meta and GA4 tags for turbocharged measurement and gain insights into your visitors' purchasing behavior.

Simply gym access, the smart way