QR code access & turnstiles

Give your climbers hassle-free entry with QR Code Access and Turnstiles!Climbers can receive a unique QR code on their BETA app and scan it at the turnstile for instant gym entry. Erase the long lines and administrative hassles from your gym, giving your team more time and energy to enhance the climbing experience.

Easy Access

Access the gym with your smartphone

Climbers can generate QR codes to access your gym directly in the BETA app. BETA's QR codes automatically expire a few seconds after generation to safeguard against pass-sharing and misuse.

Skip the queues

Allow your climbers to scan at a check-in station using Kiosk Mode on the web or phone app. Get visual and audio feedback for successful or unsuccessful check-in. Forget about standing around, forgetten plastic NFC cards, and long lines, and say hello to more climbing.

Turnstiles and automated door lock support

Automate Entry

Let visitors with a pre-purchased day pass or membership head straight to your turnstiles and control out-of-hours access with door-lock control.

*BETA does not manufacture the turnstiles, locks or doors

Simply gym access, the smart way