TapTags & gym maps

The ultimate climbing companion combines cutting-edge technology with convenience and versatility - QR and NFC technology. Gym maps provide a visual representation of the climbing routes and boulder problems available within the facility.

Showcase your routes, gain insights

Log attempts & track sends

No more complicated tracking methods. TapTags harness the power of QR and NFC technology, allowing climbers to effortlessly track their climbing journeys and provide feedback with just a simple tap. Let your climbers dive into the details of each route, leave comments, and share achievements.

Discover who's climbing what, get feedback, and uncover hidden trends

Worried about climbers who prefer to go app-free?

Don't sweat it! Our TapTags are colour-coded and have a space for the grade or circuit, making it easy for climbers to identify routes even without the app.

Interactive gym map

The full experience

Availabe in the app or on a tablet in your facility for your climbers to understand your gym at a glance.

The interactive gym map helps climbers quickly identify the location of routes they wish to attempt within your facilities. Whether they're looking for a particular grade, style, or type of route, a well-labeled map assists in navigating the gym and finding their next project!

Connected through the BETA app

Climbers can access these benefits and more on the BETA app

Enhance your climbers journey through your gym with route visualization, navigation, diverse challenges, and community engagement.

Designed and tested in the real world - We've collaborated with climbing gyms to design and extensively test our route features, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and performance.