Climber Features

The BETA mobile app merges route tracking and gym management into one streamlined experience - one app for all of the gyms powered by BETA.

Offer session-tracking to climbers

Log attempts & track sends

Climbers can track climbs, monitor sends across sessions, and receive notifications when fresh routes are set or their projects are going to be taken down.

Compete and share

Keep your members engaged with friendly competitions or leaderboard promotions.

More than a logbook

The full climbing gym experience

Beyond route tracking, the app puts climbers in control of their gym memberships. Update billing info, buy passes, enroll in events, and sign waivers all in one place.

Universal Climber Profile

BETA saves climber details securely on the Universal Climber Profile. Accessible at any BETA gym where a climber has given data consent, it means hassle-free climbing. Need to fill out a waiver? Get your prefilled waiver on the app, tick the boxes, sign, and start climbing.

Skip the spray

At BETA, we believe in the joy of discovering a route.

Snippets are 3-second video bursts to give climbers the beta they need to get past a sequence or elevate their technique, without revealing it all.

One app, many gyms

Experience convenience: The BETA app connects climbers to every BETA gym, on 3 continents, and 10 countries and growing, streamlining your worldwide climbing journey. No need to juggle multiple apps – everything you need is right here.

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