Events, Courses, and Parties

Powerful Automation - Sell Online, from anywhere. No matter if your events are targeted towards new climbers, experienced athletes, young, or old, BETA will help you make sure they go off without a hitch.

Event Booking Manager

Let your visitors take control of their events

Allow atendeeds to sign up and pay for their events with our embeddable widgets or directly in the BETA app.

Manage all bookings from one place

BETA makes it simple to manage your attendees. Add and remove climbers, reschedule, verify waiver status, and check them all in with one click.

Don't be limited by your software

Let your imagination run wild. Running events is important in building your climbing community, whether it's coaching, yoga, birthday parties, or pizza-making courses.Whether selling online, through the BETA app or in person - it's a breeze.

Power your gym!

Templates, instances & courses

Create repeating events from templates in a single click. Group events into courses to let climbers book into a series with a single purchase.

Event insights

The more you know

Want to know which event is more popular among your intro offerings, or what time you can host a birthday party to be least disruptive? With BETA, everything is fully integrated, providing you with valuable data insights.

Everything is connected

With event insights you get a full picture of how clients attend your events. You can analyze booking patterns, peak times, and popular services to make informed business decisions and optimize resource allocation.

Manage all of your events, from one place

  • collect payments against event enrollment
  • integrate events schedule with the staff rota
  • online and in-house event purchases
  • email all event participants directy from BETA
  • auto-cancellations for under-subscribed events
  • late joining discounts for courses
  • multiple pricing options and ticket availability limits
  • integration to Google Calendar

Climbing gyms are unique, running a wide range of activities. With BETA hosting and managing events has never been - routesetting workshops, yoga classes, or 5-week evening courses: BETA runs all of your events.