Point Of Sale

A point of sale, made specifically for climbing gyms. Check your climbers in directly from the POS in one click.

Fully-customizable P.O.S. views

We do not limit sales devices on any tier

At BETA we do not limit the number of sales devices, and since BETA is a powerful web-app, you can access your point of sale from any device, anywhere.

Whether behind the desk from a computer, on the gym-floor from a tablet, or at the crag from a mobile, customize your POS view to the most relevant offerings.

Payment modes let visitors pay how they want

Automatically send payment amount to your card terminal and close the transaction on payment completion.Payment security is handled by our partners, world leaders in payment solutions.

See our integrated payment methods

Automated billing

Take the headache out of billing & invoicing

Issue VAT-compliant invoices for B2B clients with auto-reconciliation from bank records via Stripe.

the features you need

  • connected across facilities & locations
  • search and create products by name and barcode
  • add, manage, and archive prices
  • manage public or private discounts
  • easily show or hide prices for online sale
  • link discounts to specific prices
  • customisable POS views with unlimited nesting
  • link prices to membership and event products
  • send email receipts
  • create and manage membership products with custom entry profiles
  • sell products online or in-gym from a single system
  • create bookable service products
  • set multiple pricing schemes per product

Your cafe & catering

POS integrated with your kitchen and rental service counter

Boost loyalty, customer engagement, and sales with a variety of tools designed for your restaurant such as push notifications, coupons, and punch cards to drive measurable growth through data-driven marketing strategies.

Send orders to a fulfillment screen and track progress of tables.