Whether a friendly summer series or the National Championships, BETA can run your next comp.

Track attempts, sends, and zones

Live leaderboards

See live scoring as leaderboards update immediately to show the latest attempts.

Simple attempt tracking

Log attempts with the same interface your climbers use to track their sessions.

Any format

Offer honor system judging or keep it locked down for judges only. Rank climbers by the IFSC Boulder Finals scoring system, 1000 points system, or a custom format.

  • host comps across facilities & locations
  • multiple point systems
  • unlimited categories and rounds

  • live leaderboard
  • judge view and editing
  • timed round windows

Built directly into the app

Run your competitions directly in the app. Host qualifiers, finals or multi-day competitions

With BETA you can keep a record of registrants. Climbers can track attempts and sends with a swipe.

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