Multi-site Management

Manage your entire business from one powerful ecosystem.You can efficiently access and manage all your facilities, regardless of your physical location. Switch from gym to gym or to your aggregated view with one click.

Save time managing multiple locations

Share passes, profiles, event schedules, product catalogs & more

BETA allows you to enter essential information just once, and instantly synchronize it across all your climbing gym locations. Say goodbye to time-consuming data duplication, and embrace the efficiency of managing your multiple facilities from a centralized hub.

Managing multiple locations has never been easier, ensuring a smooth and connected experience for both staff and your visitors

Our cloud-based architecture in your hands ensures that all data, including member information, attendance logs, route databases, and scheduling details, are securely stored on remote servers. You have full control of staff accounts and permissions.

Comprehensive reporting

Access critical gym data, insights, and functionalities for any facility with Gym Group permissions. Generate reports and insights for one gym or for all of them.

One profile, one dashboard, multiple locations

Seamless check-in across all of your facilites

Let your climbers purchase passes and events for one or all your locations in the BETA app o ron your website.

Your modern climbing gym deserves a consistent look and feel through all of your facilities. BETA white label apps allow you to take control of your image with your branding and more!

Everything is connected, instantly

  • seamless checkin
  • group-wide document hub
  • shared notes & certifications

  • staff permissions and roles
  • set prices on the group or individual facility level