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loves to use the auto-belay without clipping in. WATCH OUT!



has a large social media following, has shouted "NO GEAR NO FALL" on the lead wall

Save the friction for the wall

Frictionless check in
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BETA lets you get to know your clients. With our BI dashboard, you'll get to understand the type of climbers that come to your climbing gym better than ever.
Our features get new climbers in your gym quickly and easily, saving time for your employees and for your climbers so you can focus on what's important.


Drive customer engagement and retention

Point of sale

Simple, intuitive design
No specialized hardware
Secure payments
Stock manager
Online sales

All your tools in one place

Less clicking, more interacting
Auto-create passes and event bookings from sales
BETA lets you focus on making your customer feel welcome and at-ease with less complexity and more straightforward workflows.

Setter tools

Manage your main product
from the same place you do everything else
Route tags
New set notifications
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Business insights

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We help you manage the routes in your gym, climber waivers, your point of sale, recurring events, and memberships in one sleek web app. Our software is easy to use, so onboarding new staff members will be a breeze—we guarantee it.

Forget everything you know about climbing gym software: BETA is here.

Considered and tested

BETA is developed by climbing gym owners—we test every feature thoroughly in our own gym before deploying globally.

We offer regular meetings with clients to make sure your priorities are reflected in our feature deployment schedule, which we make publicly available.


We operate under the forward strategy, identifying burgeoning technologies and making tech and design decisions with the future in mind.

We're constantly revisiting all areas of our codebase to apply updates and upgrades, making BETA smart, simple, and secure.


Power in numbers

Today's software runs on data and BETA is no exception. Identifying trends from the data in your climbing gym can be difficult.

When we combine the data from BETA gyms with powerful machine learning algorithms, we vastly improve the ability to anticipate the needs of our clients.

Be time wise

BETA takes on the burden of crunching numbers so you can focus on what's important—your clients. Linking passes, managing events, and processing transactions are a breeze with BETA.


Only what you need

Simplicity is at the heart of everything we do—from our BETA snippets that show a quick 3-second burst video to help struggling climbers, to our frictionless check-in and embeddable pass and event widgets. Discover BETA for climbing gyms.

Minimal, subliminal

We consider ourselves minimalists, but we've maximized our design process to make sure that we have the simplest interfaces, the smoothest processes, and the most intuitive UI. We believe if it isn't obvious how to use a feature, it isn't ready yet.


Safe and sound

Our servers are hosted in the cloud. That means you don't have to worry about maintaining hardware and firewalls to keep your data safe—we let the experts at Google handle that.

A breath of fresh air

Our tech background comes from high-stakes transactional environments where code errors can cost millions of Euros.

We bring that expertise and powerful technology into your climbing gym so you can breathe easy.

The full inventory

Smart waivers


Add waiver links or a widget to your website or provide a QR code on your front door so your customers are ready to go as soon as they arrive at the desk.

See at a glance if someone has an approved waiver on file, and get new clients in quickly with the 20 most recent waiver signers showing automatically on your dashboard.

Create managed user accounts automatically on waiver sign, even for dependents.

Payment integration


Stripe terminal and online card payments, Sumup in-person payments, Revolut for business, cash, check, voucher, bank transfer, and discounts are supported by default.

Use something else? Our team can quickly integrate new payment types.

Point of sale


Track inventory, group products, update pricing, and add new items for sale by barcode.

Save transactions for later and enable online purchases through pass and event widgets.

Linked transactions


Transactions link to a customer account and any passes or event tickets are automatically assigned on checkout.

Transactions link to a customer account and any passes or event tickets are automatically assigned on checkout.

Data export


Your data remains yours, always.

Export transaction and payment history, including tax and customer info.

Custom receipts


Email branded pdf receipts automatically to your clients on payment.

Pass configurations


Configure new passes with a couple clicks.

Handle pass extension, automatic renewal, and pass sharing with gym manager permissions.



Create events like beginner clinics or morning yoga.

Manage attendance and sell tickets on your website through our Event Widget.



Get custom tags to mark the start and finish holds of your routes.

QR and NFC technology allows climbers to track their progress and leave feedback with just one tap.

Routesetting tools


See breakdowns of the routes in your gym by area, grade, hold color, hold type and age.

See breakdowns of the routes in your gym by area, grade, hold color, hold type and age.

BETA snippets


Give your climbers 3-second bursts of video to help them improve their technique.

Help them along without taking away all the fun.

Climber certifications and notes


Leave safety notes to keep an extra eye out for certain notorious climbers.

Quickly see which climbers have already passed boulder, climbing, or belay tests at other gyms.

Staff corner


Track your staff's hours with clock in and out functions.

Save multiple payment rates for the different roles in your climbing gym.

Business insights


See trends in your clientele over time and compared to the BETAverse.

Identify slowest hours, missing market segments, hot products, and long-term effects of events and routesetting on retention.

Scan in and out


For those clients who are less socially inclined, passes can be scanned in and out from an always-on phone or tablet at the front desk.

Just the beginning


We're just getting started! We love hearing your ideas and seeing new workflows.

BETA strives to enable and drive growth amongst all climbing gyms by being a platform to share knowledge and experience.

Help us shape the future of climbing! Join BETA today.

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